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A Building Boom in Australia – What it Means for You!

Materials Handling, Cranes and the Building Boom

Australia’s building boom has created a huge demand for crane operators across all “species” of cranes and materials handling operations. Tower cranes, mobile cranes, and materials handling hoists and cranes are now hot properties throughout the construction industry.

This demand is very strong. The entire construction sector is looking for qualified, licensed operators across different types of materials handling operations.

The Building Boom Environment and Materials Handling Operators

The big building boom is a golden age for crane operators in more ways than one. Cranes and other materials handling operations are integral to all types of building and construction operations. The problem for the construction sector, which is now growing in terms of building capacity, is training and retaining operators.

Demand vs. Supply – Consider Materials Handling Training

For employers and construction companies, this shortage is a serious issue. Without licensed operators, workflow is compromised. Nobody in the construction industry needs to be told what “slow workflow” means, but this problem also needs a good solution.

Capacity and Operational Needs

If your business routinely conducts major projects, you obviously need extra operators as backups to manage high-capacity requirements. You don’t want to be guessing about when those tons of materials get moved because a single day’s downtime can be expensive and infuriating.

Workforce Management

Another grim fact for employers is that your training needs are ongoing. Staff turnover, retirements and sick days are facts of life. You need qualified, licensed operators to cover all contingencies. You can also use added crane capacity to access higher value contracts.


Technology is driving the new generation of cranes and different types of hoists, dogging and other operations. Modern cranes, in particular, are progressively becoming more advanced in operational capabilities. Obviously, training requirements are also created by these new technologies.

Solving the Crane Operator Issues

The easy way to manage crane operator needs is to train your operators in-house. This can be easily done, using Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to cover the formal requirements of certification and licensing.

You can also use RTOs to create a practical working training program for your business. This can be a very productive approach to upskilling your workforce, improving your capabilities and training for the future.

Talk to your RTO about your needs, scheduling training and map out a good plan to deliver the skills base you need for your business. Have a meeting of the minds with the experts and plan your training to develop a strong knowledge base to match your onsite requirements.

Crane and Materials Handling Training in Brisbane

On the Job Training is your all-services crane and materials handling training centre in Brisbane.  Call (07) 3112 1384 to speak to our training team, or contact us online and ask our experts about your training needs. We offer onsite or offsite training in flexible time frames.


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