About UsOn the Job Training is a company that can provide real life on-site training & assessment for high risk work licences.

We have developed industry recognised training plans that predominately offer practical on the job learning that works around your needs. Using a live workplace ensures excellent outcomes.

We have trained, assessed & placed students who are looking for paid work.

Partnering with a number of RTO's to complete your training. Training and assessment is delivered in partnership with and under the scope of registration held by worksafe connect (RTO 31385) and Philljenn (RTO 31816).

​Through our proven effective safety training we promote a safe work culture, and encourage individuals and business to strive for superior outcomes that can reduce the number of injuries and deaths, property damage, legal liability, illnesses, workers’ compensation claims, and missed time from work.

Our hands on approach to training has proved to be effective with both employers and students alike, especially with those who had previously experienced difficulties in the classroom and those with a preference for hands-on learning.

Students are able to accelerate their learning using existing skills and knowledge, allowing their study time to be more productive.

Students are also able to receive personalised attention and assistance from our instructors in the areas that were less familiar to them, resulting in higher student completion rates and greater levels of customer satisfaction.

'OntheJob Training' is a market leading provider of quality education and training solutions. We help people who value improving their skills and knowledge through the provision of engaging, intuitive resources.

We are reinventing the model for education by offering innovative education and training to suit differing learning styles from face to face external, on site and online training
and assessment.

Contact us today or call 0404 709 861 to speak with us about tailoring a training plan the fits in with you.