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Cranes, Cranes, Cranes

The Truth about Crane Operator Training

Crane operator training is intensive. It’s perfectionist training, conducted by experts for highly responsible roles. This training is intensive, and it’s based on a highly structured range of critically important issues for crane operators.

Crane operator training covers a broad range of types of cranes. Each class of crane has its own training course, certification of competency and formal training environment.

Crane Operator Licenses

There are different classes of cranes and different crane operator licenses, including:

  • Tower Crane Licence
  • Self-Erecting Tower Crane Licence
  • Slewing Mobile Crane Licences (there are four separate licenses for this class of crane)
  • Non-Slewing Mobile Crane Ticket
  • Vehicle Loading Crane Licence

As you can see, these are also very different types of cranes, with very different roles. Each type of crane covers a whole spectrum of operational roles.

  • Tower cranes are the big monsters seen all over Australian skylines in major construction projects.
  • Mobile cranes are the workhorse, high-demand cranes used in just about all industries, agriculture, and a range of emergency services.
  • Vehicle loading cranes are high-productivity cranes, workflow managers moving vast amounts of materials for construction, distribution and similar roles. 

Defining Your Training and Licensing Needs

Whether you’re an employer looking at your business training needs, or an operator looking for a good license, you need to consider your training options carefully.

Employer Training Needs

It’s a good move to consult with your training specialists prior to making any strategic decisions about training. Trainers can provide some very effective solutions to manage both training needs and scheduling. You can also discuss costs and plan ahead to create a good training program for the future.

Crane Operators

Before you make any financial commitments or career decisions, talk to trainers. Ask about the training options and formal licensing requirements for your career aspirations. You can also organise a good, practical mix of on the job or off-site training to fit in with your work schedule.

Making the Right Decision for You

Top-quality trainers can deliver flexible training options, backed up by formal certification and licensing.  You can also have a very productive discussion about managing the costs of your training and arrange a working program to suit your budget.

You’ll be able to make an informed decision about your training with expert guidance. Better still, you’ll get good advice about managing training needs to achieve your goals.

High-Value Training = High-Value Rewards

Crane operator licensing is very valuable for both employers and operators. For operators, it’s your passport to sought-after jobs across an entire bandwidth of industries. For employers, trained crane operators provide you with a very strong base for skilled contract work.

Crane Operator Training in Brisbane

To find out about crane operator training in Brisbane, call us. On the Job Training offers a full spectrum of all types of crane operator training, including flexible training schedules and expert trainers.  Call us on (07) 3112 1384 or contact us online and speak directly to our experts to discuss your needs.


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