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Getting a Forklift License

Getting a Forklift License in 5 Simple Steps

Working with specialised machinery can be a high-risk, high-reward opportunity, offering lucrative compensation and excellent job satisfaction. If you’re thinking of taking your career to the next level, start by getting a forklift licence.

In Australia, you’ll need a specialised licence to work around some elevated platforms and to operate forklifts. In order to apply for a national licence, you’ll need to do some legwork first.

By undertaking training and assessment with an approved training organisation, you can upskill your career and take the step into forklift operation. Fortunately, the process is fairly straightforward and there are just a few steps you need to know.

1. Find an Approved Training Organisation

High Risk Work (HRW) licences are issued by your State or Territory, but you need to undertake training first. Organisations like On the Job Training can help you complete your assessments Australia wide while Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is the regulatory body that issues licences in our home state.

On the Job Training is a market leading provider of forklift certifications and our courses run constantly throughout the year, day or night. Whether you’re upskilling in the workplace or looking for a new job, we can assist you throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and nationwide.

2. Choose Your Forklift Training Course

On the Job Training offers a forklift certification courses:

  • TLILIC2001A – licence to operate a forklift truckCompleting all of the units and training for these courses certifies you to apply for these High Risk Work (HRW) licence classes.

You can learn more about LO and LF licence classes or register for forklift courses here.

3. Complete Your Training

Forklift training through a Registered Training Organisation involves both formal and informal learning. Once you have successfully completed your training, you can organise theoretical and practical assessments through On the Job Training.

These assessments cover all the essential elements of forklift operation, including pre-operation, operating best practices and maintenance checks. An accredited assessor will provide an assessment summary and statement of attainment to successful candidates, bringing you one step closer to your High Risk Work forklift licence.

4. Apply for Your HRW Licence

You can apply for your HRW licences online through your State Government regulator. Participants who completed their courses in Queensland can make their applications here.

As well as your assessment summary, you will need your QGov account details, a valid email address and driver’s licence or other licence details to complete the assessment form. Your assessment summary and proof of payment act as evidence that you can perform high-class work while your application is pending.

5. Get Started with Your New Career

Whether it’s a new direction or a step up the ladder, a forklift licence from On the Job Training can open up many new opportunities. Work at airports, in logistics, in fast-moving warehousing environments and in other in-demand areas.

For more information about our forklift certification and other training courses, contact our Gold Coast team online or call 0404 709 861.


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