If you're interested in advanced rigging and scaffolding, an Advanced Rigging Course could be the perfect choice. With a huge range of skills and techniques covered in the course, an advanced riggers ticket is highly attractive to employers.

On The Job Training offers a comprehensive Advanced Rigging Course that will ensure you're ready to work.

What Will I Learn in an Advanced Rigging Course?

When you undertake advanced rigging training with On The Job Training, you'll learn everything you need to know to undertake high level rigging work across all work sites in Australia.

In addition to the essentials, you'll also develop a range of specialist skills, including:

  • Gin poles and shear legs
  • Flying foxes and cableways
  • Guyed derricks and structures
  • Suspended and fabricated hung scaffolds

High Risk Work Licences: Important Information

To undertake any rigging and scaffolding work in Australia, you'll need a valid High Risk Work License. Once you achieve competency for a rigging or dogging unit, you'll be able to apply for these High Risk Work (HRW) licence classes.

It's important to remember that High Risk Licenses are issued by the relevant regulatory body in the State or Territory in which the high risk licence was gained. Please note that High Risk Work licences expire, so make sure you remain up to date with your High Risk licence renewal.

A Rigging Course That Suits Your Lifestyle

When you undertake an advanced rigging course with On The Job Training, you'll enjoy flexible and convenient training options that can be customised to suit your lifestyle.

You can choose to complete your training at our fully equipped training facility, or from the convenience of your own work site. We offer both night and day courses, so you can choose the option that best suits your lifestyle.

Find out more about our dogman and rigging courses by contacting the friendly team at On The Job Training on 07 3112 1384.

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