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Industry Leading Certifications from On the Job Training

Australia is brimming with busy and active industries, and we are here to ensure you are work ready. On the Job Training provides practical, hands-on training and assessments for various high-risk work licences. Partnering with the finest registered training organisations, we help get you qualified and open the door to new opportunities.

With On the Job Training, you can accelerate your learning, leverage existing knowledge and take a step up the industry ladder. Here is an overview of the industry-leading training and assessments we offer.

Crane Training

Looking to become a crane operator on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or beyond. Our range of crane tickets is the smart and easy way to get licenced. Our popular Tower Crane Licence course opens the door to multi-storey residential and high-rise industrial jobs.

Our Crane courses also include:

• Self Erecting Tower Crane Licence (CS)
• Slewing Mobile Crane Licences (C2, C6, C1, C0)
• Non Slewing Mobile Crane Ticket (CN)
• Vehicle Loading Crane Licence (CV)

Dogging and Rigging Courses

Get your hands on High Risk Work Licences for the dogging and rigging industry. With our dogging tickets and rigging licences, you can work as a dogman or rigger in Queensland and throughout Australia.

The Advanced Rigging Licence qualifies you to perform rigging work at a higher level, including working with suspended and fabricated hung scaffolds.

Budding dogmen and riggers should also explore:

• Dogging ticket (DG)
• Basic Rigging Course (RB)
• Intermediate Rigging Course (RI)

EWP and Forklift Certifications

Whether you’re after a Forklift Licence or a Reach Stacker Licence, you’re in the right place.

Our EWP ticket licences you to operate a boom-type work platform of 11 metres or longer. This opens up opportunities to work with any combination of telescoping, hinged and articulated devices.

Be sure to also explore our Reach Stacker and Forklift Licence options.

Hoist Training

Obtaining hoist tickets opens up opportunities to work on a range of high-risk hoist operations. Learn about moving people and equipment safely and quickly between floors with our hoist ticket courses.

These are:

• Materials Platform Hoist Training (HM)
• Personnel and Material Hoist Training (HP)

Basic Scaffolding Training

Do you need to erect, alter or dismantle scaffolding for your next job? Maybe there’s a new opportunity on your worksite and you want to get qualified. Our basic level scaffold training is the perfect head-start. Get ahead of your colleagues by learning to inspect, set-up, erect and dismantle scaffolding.

You’ll get hands-on experience with scaffolding and scaffolding equipment and earn the licence you need to get the job done.

Learn more about Licence CPCCLSF2001A.

Choose On the Job Training for Practical Courses

Whether you’re working in Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth, our courses could be ideal for you. Our training courses run day and night and once they’re completed, we can offer the assessments you need to get be fully accredited.

For more information on any of our courses, call 0404 709 861 or leave us a message online for a same-day response.

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