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Types of Licenses to Get

Industry Specialists – Get the Licences You Need!

When you work in a high-risk field, it pays to be an industry specialist. Having the right qualifications can unlock new job opportunities and lucrative careers for the right individuals.

Whether you work in warehousing, logistics, construction or rigging, make sure you have the right licences before your next job search.

High Risk Work Licences to Operate a Forklift

Forklifts are commonplace in many high-risk industries, meaning you need the right licences if you’re going to thrive in your career. We recommend the following two forklift training qualifications, which give you the knowledge and certifications to apply for the relevant High Risk Work licence classes:

Tower Crane Licence Courses

If you’re interested in bulk materials handling, especially for high-rise construction, you will need a tower crane licence. Tower cranes are used for everything from transporting concrete slabs and steel beams to precise civil engineering work.

There are new high-rise industrial and residential buildings going up around Australia every day and tower cranes are at the heart of this work.

Tower cranes also require a specific High Risk Work licence to operate. Consider the qualification below to upskill for your next job.

Training and Qualifications for Rigging Work

As a rigger, hard work and technical excellence will come as second nature to you. Riggers often work in our busiest commercial industries, including manufacturing, construction, gas, mining and ship building.

The work can involve anything from structural steel erection to rigging cranes, conveyors, flying foxes and cableways. Depending on the specifics of your work, we recommend the courses below:

These training courses qualify you to apply for basic, intermediate and advanced HRW Rigging licences respectively. Before you can apply for a basic rigging licence, you must have also passed assessments for a dogging licence.

Hoist Training and Licences

Do you need to work with hoists for your job? Hoists are used across a wide range of industries, so being a hoist licence holder is a valuable skill to have.

Some of the industries that regularly rely on hoists include automotive, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and even chemical industries. The type of hoist licence you will need will depend on the scope of your work.

There are licences that only allow you to transport materials and others that allow you to transport both materials and personnel. The two types of licences also vary in how their hoists can be operated.

On the Job Training can recommend the ideal course for your needs:

HRW Licence Expiry and Renewal

Generally speaking, each High Risk Work licence must be renewed after five years. You will receive a notice of renewal prior to the expiry date and all expiries should be listed on the bottom right-hand corner of your licence card.

It is essential to pay for your licence renewal to continue operating legally in a HRW environment.

Contact Us for These Courses and More

Are you interested in any of the licences above? Do you need other qualifications for your industry? The team at On the Job Training can come to you for hands-on education throughout Australia. Choose one of the courses above or explore our full list to find the qualification that’s right for you.

Complete the course and apply for a licence today. Call 0404 709 861.

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