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Why Choose On the Job Training?

Why Choose On the Job Training?

On the Job Training is reinventing education for a range of different hands-on industries. Whether you’re looking for a forklift licence or advanced rigging qualifications, we can help you improve your knowledge and further your career.

With a focus on safety, personalisation and technical excellence, On the Job Training is the market leader for innovative education. If you’ve ever thought about taking a practical licensing course, there’s never been a better time or a better place to start.

More Than 20 Different Qualifications and Courses

When it comes to licencing qualifications across a wide range of industries, our experts have you covered. Our hands-on courses can get you licensed to operate a tower crane, work as a dogman or rigger and operate a whole range of forklifts.

For great value and unbeatable skill sets, we also offer combination courses. Get qualified in a range of complementary areas such as dogging and forklift operations or work platform and scissor lift work.

Whatever you choose, our combination courses are a great way to show employers that you’re the complete package.

Industry-Recognised and RTO Backed 

The courses offered by On the Job Training are industry recognised, qualifying you to work all around Australia. By partnering with a number of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), we can offer complete training and assessments, giving you the qualifications to apply for specialist licences.

On the Job Training has partnered with both Worksafe Connect (RTO 31385)

Safety First for High-Risk Industries

On the Job Training gives you the licences to work in high-risk industries, but it’s not just technical excellence that we teach.

Our proven safety training encourages safe work cultures and procedures. The superior outcomes we instil in our students aim to reduce injuries, fatalities, legal complications and much more. We encourage individuals and organisations to elevate the safety standards in their workplace.

Training in Live Workplaces around Australia

Forklift training and advanced rigging aren’t learnt on paper alone. The skills we teach take practical prowess and we use a live workplace to ensure excellent outcomes.

You can train at our fully equipped facility on the Gold Coast or we can come to you Australia wide, providing all the practical elements of your qualification. Employers and students alike have praised our hands-on approach and the excellent results it creates.

Personalisation Is the Difference for Students

On the Job Training is embarking on an education revolution and students are the centre of our focus. Every participant receives quality education and assistance, helping you to excel in every aspect of your training. If your existing skills put you a step ahead, we acknowledge that and allow you to accelerate your learning.

We’ve seen our personalised approach positively impact completion rates as well as customer satisfaction in the workplace. If you’re tired of the same old courses giving you substandard results, talk to us and see the difference.

Contact On the Job Training and Experience the Difference

Our courses lead to excellent outcomes and paid jobs for graduates. Affordable, time-saving and available both day and night, it’s easy to get started with our team. Register online, leave an enquiry or call us now on 0404 709 861.

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