Crane Training

You must have a licence to operate cranes in Australia. To receive your licence to perform high-risk work and operate cranes, you must undertake recognised training and formal certification. You will be assessed on your training, skills and knowledge, using the relevant 'assessment instrument' under realistic workplace conditions.

Whether you’re an employer or work in an industry that uses cranes, a crane operator licence is always a worthwhile, high-value investment. With every crane ticket course offered by On the Job Training, you or an employee will learn to be the type of crane operator that forward-thinking companies in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and beyond are looking for.

Our crane licensing courses include:

Our courses are run on an ongoing basis, day or night. Contact us online or call 07 3112 1384 and talk to our team about your training needs. We’ll arrange the perfect package for your advancement at a time that suits you.

Crane Training

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