Crane Licence Renewal

When applying for a crane licence renewal, you will need certain details regarding your current license and personal information. Once you have completed the relevant declarations and submitted your documents, there is a fee that must be paid, varying with each state’s requirements. Your licence will remain current during the application process if you have submitted your request prior to the expiry date.

High Risk Work crane licences must be renewed every 5 years. If you’re not sure whether your licence is current, or haven’t received a renewal notice, we have some helpful links here for you:

Licences are issued and renewed at the discretion of state agencies. To find out more about your licence renewal, contact the appropriate agency in your state.

Visit the above links to renew your license. For further enquiries, contact us online or ring 07 3112 1384 to speak to our team of training specialists. We’ll be happy to provide any guidance you require.

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