Slewing Mobile Crane Licence All Classes

Under WHS Legislation you must be licenced to operate cranes in Australia.  To obtain a licence to perform high-risk work, you must undertake formal training and successfully complete a national assessment for the class of licence.

Slew Cranes include a multitude of cranes including, Mobile slew crane, Crawler crane, All-Terrain crane, Rough Terrain crane, Pin Jib’s etc

The come in the following classes

The pathways  to attain a licence in the above classes are set by the regulator and are as follows

> Entry Requirements for all Slewing Mobile Crane tickets is the candidate holding a DG – Lic to perform dogging

> C2 & C6 can be trained with no prior slew crane licence

> C1 requires the candidate hold a C6 licence prior to training

> C0 requires the candidate hold a C1 licence prior to training

Crane licence encompassments

  • CO licence encompasses the CV, CN, RS, C2, C6 and C1 licences.
  • C1 licence encompasses the CV, CN, RS, C2 and C6 licences.
  • C6 licence encompasses the CV, CN, RS and C2 licences.
  • C2 licence encompasses the CV, CN and RS licences.

In Queensland, as of the 31 December 2016, a person who holds a non-slewing mobile crane licence (CN) is NO LONGER permitted to operate a reach stacker without holding an RS HRWL Class. C2,C6,C1 & C0 will continue to be able to operate a reach stacker.

For additional information on encompassments please see the WHSQ Page