Vehicle Loading Crane Licence (CV)

TLILIC0012A – Licence to Operate a Vehicle Loading Crane (Capacity 10 Metre Tonnes and Above)

On the Job Training’s vehicle loading crane courses cover the operation of a crane with a capacity of 10 metric tonnes or more, mounted to move a load on or off a vehicle. This training includes the requisite operations of applicable load estimation and slinging techniques to manage loads.

The relevant licence allows the holder to operate a vehicle loading crane and conduct the full range of slewing operations without holding a slewing mobile crane licence, provided:

  • the equipment is suitable for the task
  • the equipment is used within its operating parameters
  • the operator has been adequately trained

Vehicle loading crane licences are issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. You may wish to contact this agency regarding the classification of your cranes for licensing purposes.

High Risk Work Licence Training and Assessment Evidence for Crane Tickets

We offer flexible day or night courses which allow you to select your training times according to your needs. After the completion of training and certification of operator competence, you may apply for the High Risk Work licence to be a fully licensed vehicle loading crane operator.

For more information about our vehicle loading crane courses, contact us online or ring 07 3112 1384 to speak to our team of training specialists about your licensing needs. We’ll be happy to assist and provide any guidance you require.