Rigging work means the use of mechanical loadshifting equipment (and associated gear) to move, place or secure a load using plant, equipment or members of a building or structures, to ensure the stability of those members or the setting up or dismantling of cranes or hoists.

Intermediate Riggers Ticket (RI)

CPCCLRG3002A Licence to perform rigging intermediate level

Intermediate rigging licences - consists of all basic rigging work plus rigging involving:

  • Cranes, conveyors, dredges and excavators
  • Tilt slabs
  • Hoists with jibs and self climbing hoists
  • Demolition
  • Dual lifts

High risk work licence training and assessment evidence for dogging and rigging

When a participant/student/trainee has achieved competency for a dogging or rigging unit they are then able to make an application for these High Risk Work (HRW) licence classes. High Risk Licenses are issued by the regulatory body in the State or Territory in which the high risk licence was gained e.g. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or WorkCover New South Wales.

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Rigging Licence

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