TLILIC2005A – Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)

This EWP ticket overs the operation of telescoping devices, hinged devices, or articulated devices (or any combination of these) used to support a platform on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated to perform work and where the boom length is 11 metres or more.

The length of the boom is the greater of the following:

the vertical distance from the surface supporting the boom-type elevating work platform to the floor, with the platform extended to its maximum height
the horizontal distance from from the centre point of the boom’s rotation to the outer edge of the platform, with the platform extended to its maximum distance

A WP high risk work licence is required when operating a telehandler fitted with a personnel box with operating controls in the box, and the boom length is 11 metres or more.

High risk work licence training and assessment evidence

When a participant/student/trainee has achieved competency for these units they are then able to make an application for these High Risk Work (HRW) licence classes. High Risk Licenses are issued by the regulatory body in the State or Territory in which the high risk licence was gained e.g. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or WorkCover New South Wales.

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